Please join us for the 25th Annual Stanford Open Gymnastics Meet. It will take place on January 20-22, 2017 at Burham Pavillion on the Stanford University campus.

It is a three day (Friday-Sunday) meet with men/boys gymnastics level 4 to Elite. Don't miss the NCAA Saturday night session which features ncaa Teams as well as elite and qualifying level 10 gymnasts.



Registration for Stanford Open 2017 is now FULL!

Meet Information 

Final Schedule now posted.



Road to Collegiate Gymnastics Free Seminar offered to Stanford Open Participants

Thursday 1/19/15 at 7pm Bleachers in Burnham Pavilion

Please let your optional level gymnasts know about this opportunity if they are in town early enough. Stanford’s Head Coach for Men’s Gymnastics, Thom Glielmi, will offer a free seminar to gymnasts or parents who have traveled to the meet independent of their team and coaches (per NCAA rules, the gymnasts can not attend a university held seminar, clinic or camp prior to, during or after a competition at the university once the competition has started or they have reported to their coach and have not been released from their team responsibilities). The informational seminar is for those interested in learning about collegiate gymnastics, the recruiting process, and how you can best help your child if they are interested in pursuing gymnastics on the collegiate level. This is a general seminar on collegiate gymnastics and is not specific to one university. This seminar is geared towards parents of athletes competing at Levels 8+. The seminar will last 30-60 minutes, pending Q & A. To attend, you must email and put in subject — S.O. Collegiate Seminar, # attending.

-published 1/9/2017

Final Schedule Posted

-published 1/6/2017

Registration Now Full

Registration for Stanford Open 2017 is now full. 

-published 10/18/2016


Open Warmup wil begin at 5pm it will be a timed warmup.

NCAA rules will be enforced. 

Individual Event Qualifiers will only compete on the event in which they qualified.




  1. Riley Loos  - Technique
  2. Brennan Pantazis - Gym Nevada
  3. Jeremy Bischoff - Gym Jam
  4. Jordan Williams - Liberty
  5. Ryan McCoy - Extreme 
  6. Matthew Randolph  - Payke
  7. Spencer Goodell  - Omega
  8. Liam Doherty-Herwitz  - Brestyan's
  9. Matthew Geuy - SCEGA
  10. Christopher Osgood - Victory 
  11. Troy Lipis - Gym Jam
  12. Brian Waschak - Gym Jam


  1. Blake Wilson - SCEGA
  2. Harrison Andary - GTC Ohio
  3. Arman Aroustamian - SB Gymnastics


  1. Jonathan Wu - Victory
  2. Calvin Valerie - Eric Will
  3. Taden Thurber - Brestyan's


  1. Caleb Rickard -  Sokol Elite
  2. Peyton Hobson - Omega
  3. John Rowbotham - Brestyan's


  1. Colin Wingrove - AirTime
  2. Jonathan Bryant - Mission Valley Y
  3. Yuchen Lee - South Coast Gym


  1. Colin Wingrove - AirTime
  2. Kyle Shuttle - Accel
  3. Ben Guerrieri- SCEGA


  1. Angel Haro - Payke
  2. Taden Thurber - Brestyan's
  3. Jacob Bergquist - Technique




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