Please join us for the 27th Annual Stanford Open Gymnastics Meet. It will take place on January 18-20, 2019 at Burnham Pavilion on the Stanford University campus.

It is a three day (Friday-Sunday) meet with men/boys gymnastics level 4 to Elite. Don't miss the NCAA Saturday night session which features ncaa Teams as well as elite and qualifying level 10 gymnasts.




final schedule published - 1/5/19


2019 FINAL Schedule

Doors will open 30 minutes before Open Stretch each morning

All Level 4, 5 and 6 athletes and parents should enter on Sunday through Burnham ticket doors. Athletes then sit with their parents in the viewing stands until called by announcer for warmups.


Doors will open 30 minutes before Open Stretch each morning.

Level 10 gyms by session:

Session 2 - Group 1: WCOGA, Eric Will, Impact, Edge, Head Over Heels, South Coast, SCATS, Elevate, Technique, Top Squad, Go For It USA, SCEGA, AirTime, Twisters, Capital Gymnastics, SCATS, Brestyans, San Mateo

Session 3 - Group 2:: Broadway, Cascade, Rising Star, Ohana, Seawind, Accel, Gymnastix Training Center, Stanford Boys, Cal Sport, Cascade, International Gymnastics Center, Pride, Gymnastics World Central, High Sierra


Level 10 Qualifiers to NCAA/Finals

All Around

  1. Brandon Nguyen - Elevate

  2. Zachary Martin - Elevate

  3. Kyle Shuttle - Accel

  4. David Rauchwerger - Accel

  5. Mathew Geuy - SCEGA

  6. Adriel Perales- Valencia - Gym World Central

  7. Brandon Garcia - Accel

  8. Cailen Walker - Head Over Heels


  1. Jacob Murray - Impact

  2. Judah Sung - Gym World Central

  3. Spencer Wong - Accel


  1. Will Lavankakul - WCOGA

  2. Ignacio Yockers - Pride

  3. Mathew Chertkow - Seawind


  1. Jeffery Ladd - Gym World Central

  2. Oliver Sons - Eric Will

  3. Sean Shimizu - WCOGA


  1. Casey Cummings - South Coast Gym

  2. Spenser Wong - Accel

  3. Austin Padgett - Pride

Parallel Bars

  1. Edward Yao - South Coast Gym

  2. Tyler Shimizu - WCOGA

  3. Mark Berlaga - SBG

High Bar

  1. Eric Shebert - Elevate

  2. Austin Padgett - Pride

  3. Will Lavanakul - WCOGA

The Stanford Open is made possible by SB Gymnastics and the generous support of our sponsors.

If you are interested in making a donation please contact us at: